Wednesday 9 January 2013

Happy New Year

Hello everyone, happy new year! Now that we have all survived the end of the world, think it is ok to come back blogging!?!?!!

I had wonderful hopes of getting back to blog land weeks ago, only between colds and flu's, no camera and no time it didn't quite work.

Wow, can't believe Christmas has come and gone! We had a wonderful time, thankfully we were all well. As usual, there was way too much eating of this stuff . . .

and this stuff . . .

and not much time for any creative, crafting stuff. Every year I promise myself I will be more organised, and yet again December comes around and I am so unprepared. Next year will be better, ha ha! I might even get to send some of the cards I spent many nights awake until all hours finishing!!

I have great, positive hopes for 2013! One of them is to create something every week. I would love to think on a daily basis, but realistically some days the only creative thing I get to do, is cut my kiddies sandwiches into triangles! Exciting eh?!!

Anyway, I'm heading on to finish off an album. Hopefully next post I will be able to share the finished item! I have recently started creating albums, so this is my second one. Loads of time spent making them, but I think it's really worth it. Definitely will be making LOADS more of them in 2013. Is there anything new you started and wish to make more of?

Hope you are keeping well, and thank you for stopping by.

Have a great day :D



Emily said...

Ah yes, typical Christmas fare!!! Looking forward to seeing your album! Xx

Michelle said...

YUM YUM!!!!! :-)
Does that count as a comment??