Sunday 4 August 2013


Over at Eclectic Ellapu this week, the challenge theme is "Anything for Teacher".
I made a notebook, wire bound. The size is an A6 (approx 105 x 148mm)

 When it is opened, this is how it looks:

Please note: This is a photo heavy tutorial of how I made the notebook :)

I cut some grey board approx 220mm x 110 mm and creased it at 158mm and 175mm (these sizes will depend on the size notebook you choose to make)

 I cut some paper, cut to 148.5 x 105 mm.

I chose some printed paper to decorate the cover. As I wanted a layered cover edge, I marked on the back roughly where I needed the base layer to at least cover.
 Then I cut off the triangles of paper, ensuring that at least 3mm was left between the grey board and the triangle cut.
 I folded and stuck the edges down.
 Then I folded in the edges, to create a clean corner.
 I positioned the second layer of paper and stuck it down.
 Then I positioned the final layer, to make sure I got as much on the cover as I wanted.
 I did the same cutting of corners with the green paper, and then folded and stuck down.
 I folded the cover on the crease lines to make sure the cover wrapping wasn't too tight.
 When turned over, this is how the cover is looking. Now to decorate!

 I cut some blue paper approx 100 x 210mm.
 I stuck it down, ensuring that I had two sided tape each side of the creases.
 Next I punched all the pages and a grey board back cover, the same size as the paper. I bound them with a white wire -

Onto the back of the grey board, I stuck two strips of strong two sided tape. When I was happy with the postioning, I stuck the front cover to the back.

 When opened this is how it looks -
 This is how it looks from the back -

 The final photos showing how I decorated the cover.

Although this is for the "Anything for Teacher" challenge, I don't need a teachers gift for a few years! So for once I am gifting myself with this notebook, a notebook to write any notes, sketches or project ideas while I am away from my desk. I am thrilled with it, and find the size perfect for carrying around with me!
Why not give the challenge at Eclectic Ellapu a try?
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Hope you are having a great day where you are!
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Unknown said...

Wow Eithne that is a fantastic tutorial. Absolutely gorgeous . You have done a great job and the step by step makes it easy to understand and try for ourselves... xx

Michelle said...

LOVE the notebook Eithne!!
Great tutorial! :-)
I feel inspired to make one, If only I had some wires to bind it!!! LOL!! :-) :-)
No excuses now!! :-)
Michelle xx

Grannymama said...

This is an awesome project, and a great job done, with the project and the tutorial. Now if only I can understand metric when it came to the measurements!! :-)