Tuesday 10 April 2012

Work in Progress No. 2

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have my daughter's Christening on Sunday. My second daughter, was much bigger than my first. At birth she weighted 10lb 3oz, 2lb 3oz heavier than her sister. It didn't suit to have the Christening when she was smaller, so now she's 5 months old and 2 months older than when her sister was Christened. With both these points in mind, I decided to create a new Christening gown. I also thought afterwards, how lovely it will be, to have a Christening gown to pass on to each of the girls.

Anyway, I started 2 times with patterns from my head. Each time they ended up wrong! They started going out of shape before they were even finished. So I scoured the internet to find something, that I could make easily, quickly and that resembled a Christening gown. The pattern I found initially, I was not entirely happy with, but beggars can't be choosers so I started it.

I am using a 3.75mm hook and double knitting wool. I went for the size 18 months because I couldn't figure out the American size hooks on the pattern. (I'm *sure* there is some website that could tell me, but my need for speed did not allow such a search)

So I'm almost there!! Woohooo!! This second work in progress will progress and be finished! (by Saturday night hopefully!) I just hope my baby doesn't grow a lot in the next few days. I tried on what I had made to date, and it was a little bit tight around the arms. *sad face* BUT I did have 3 layers under the dress, and that won't happen on Sunday! (who knows my back up plan of *ghast* purchasing a Gown might have to swing into place on Saturday.)

Fingers crossed all will be well. :D
And by the way, despite my initial lack of love for the pattern, as it is progressing I am ABSOLUTELY loving it!! I think the picture from the pattern wasn't gelling with me, but now that I'm crocheting it, I think it's ideal!!
I can't find the link for the pattern, to give credit to the creator. I will keep searching and hopefully in a later post link it.

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