Wednesday 20 June 2012

Baby Boy Card

This was a quick make! I recently purchased an embossing machine, and this is one of my embossing folders. (I have to say, I *LOVE* love, love, love, love my embossing machine! Every scrap of paper I can find is being embossed!!)

I embossed the phrase "bundle of joy" onto a light blue card, and then inked it with a silver ink pad. I wasn't happy with the look, the light blue and silver were too close a colour to really notice them. So I went over the raised image with a teal coloured ink pad. It gives a nice two tone effect.

I stuck that onto a larger piece of dark blue card, and did the "stitching" with a silver pen. I stuck down the tartan strip centered on the 5" square white card, and used foam pads to give the sentiment a real 3D life.

Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by!


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