Monday 11 February 2013

Boy's Birthday card

Hello! Can you believe tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday? I love pancakes :D yum yum!! What will you be putting on your pancake?

A while back I made this card for my cousin's 1st birthday.

I used a DL white card. With some light blue paper, I embossed it with the honeycomb folder. I used a strip of patterned paper and a lovely wooden framed embellishment.

Outlined stickers did the trick for the sentiment.

I just downloaded the blogger app, so this my first "go" at it. I found it impossible to blog on an iPad with blogger, so this might be a great way to blog more often. (If of course I can convince my girls it's MAMMY's turn on the iPad!!)
Hope you are having a great Monday.
Thanks for stopping by :)

1 comment:

Emily said...

Must see if there s a Wordpress app!! Another lovely card, I really love your embossing. Enjoy the pancakes :-)