Thursday 31 January 2013

21st Album inserts

Hello :D Hope you are having a great day. Today we had a really wild, windy, wet day, I'm really looking forward to Spring!
As mentioned in the previous post, here are some more photos of the album I made at Christmas.
The Cover

The first page, a spot for a photo from birth! I used my Big Shot to cut out the numbers and also to emboss the background strip.

The second page I used as a title page for the 5 photo insert pages to follow, one pocket for each birthday over the past 20 years. I did a combination of stamping, layering and stickers to decorate.

The page that follows is for a photo from the 21st party. Again, I used a corner punch to create a pocket for putting photos in. I also embossed a strip and again used the Big Shot for cutting out the numbers for the year.

I created a pocket sheet so an invitation keepsake could be kept safe.

Some photos of the pages that follow - 

I created another pocket sheet, so that anymore keepsakes could be saved. I did a combo of dry embossing and heat embossing for decorating. On the pocket flap, I used a ribbon  punch and threaded a ribbon through.

For the last decorated page, I again used it as a title page for the couple of photo insert sheets at the end. I used layering, embossing, embellishments and outline stickers.

I then used a Bind-it-All to bind it and I stuck it into the Cover All. This was my first scrap album to create using a Cover All, and I learned a few lessons along the way, the one that sticks out the most, I'm going to share. I used very thick board for the single sheets (approx. 300gm) and a lighter board (220gm) for the pockets. This allowed for a very sturdy sheet, but a little bit more difficulty when punching on the Bind-it-All. I added thick stickers too close to the bound edge, so when punching the sheet I had to remove them. This is something I will remember in future, as I had to replace a few stickers as I tore them taking them off.

Anyway, it is late here in Ireland, and I fear my little ones may have another night of wake-ups, so I'm going to bid you adieu! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed the rest of the album. You can also look at a youtube video here.

Have a great day,


Michelle said...

Yay!!! LOVE the Album Eithne!!
Am off now to watch the video!! :-)
Michelle xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Michelle :D looking forward to seeing your latest creations too xxx :)

Emily said...

Oh I love it all, especially the pockets and the details. And the video!!! Well done xxx

Unknown said...

Love it Eit, the colours are just fab! and well done on the video - very fancy you are! ;) xx